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Learn the truth about wellness as you age.

"Aging is NOT lost youth, but a NEW stage of opportunity and strength." -Betty Freidan

It's time for you to experience this new opportunity.



  • Yoga Teacher Training 500 hour Certification

  • Health and Wellness Coaching Certification

  • ACE Personal Training Certification

  • Reiki Energy Healing Master Certification

  • Associates in Integrative Health

  • Integrative Health Professions Certification

  • AEA Arthritis Foundation Exercise Certification

  • AEA Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Certification


My name is Melanie Cannata.

Health and Wellness has become the biggest passion of mine after seeing the lives that can be changed with one simple practice. I've been studying Integrative Health for the past 5 years, and have worked with seniors for the past year on building, becoming, and maintaining their best selves. It is never too late to start. Let me be your guide. 


"Melanie Cannata is a wonderful exercise and wellness leader for seniors. She makes movement fun! Whether she's teaching aerobics, yoga, line dancing, core and back strength, or breathing and meditation, she makes everyone feel better through her cheerful and caring attitude. 
Melanie has a deep knowledge of the muscles of the body and which exercises will safely encourage both strength and flexibility. She also offers 1:1 Reiki that helps reduce stress and assist the body in accessing its natural healing capacities."


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